Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Books Term 3 Week 5 2013.

Churchill's Tale of Tails by Anca Sandu
Funny Lunch by David Catrow
Goodnight, Sleep Tight! by Claire Freedman
The Missing Mongoose by Ursula Dubosarsky
Penguins by Ann Schreiber
Return of the Vampire by Geronimo Stilton
Rotten and Rascal:  the Two Terrible Petrosaur Twins by Paul Geraghty
Safety by Liz Gogerly
The Worst Things in Life Are Also Free by Jim Benton

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Books Term 3 Week 3 2013

The Awful Pawful by Sally & Darrel Odgers
Bedtime for Little Bears! by David Bedford
By My Side, Little Panda by Claire Freedman
Donkey's Busy Day by Natalie Russell
The Most Precious Thing by Gill Lewis
The Noisy Farm:  Lots of Animals by Marni McGee
Trucks by Brenda Stones

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Books Term 3 Week 2 2013

King Pig by Nick Bland
Little Teddy Left Behind by Anne Mangan
Superkid by Claire Freedman
Time to Sleep, Alfie Bear! by Charlotte Walters
Tomb of Doom: 24 Hours to Save the World by H.I. Larry
Zak Zoo and the Peculiar Parcel by Justine Smith
Zak Zoo and the TV Crew by Justine Swain

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Books Term 3 Week 1 2013.

Big Brother by Susannah McFarlane
A Day With the Animal Builders by Sharon Rentta
Granny Grabbers' Whiz Bang World by Charlotte Haptie
Henry's Map by David Elliott
Hold on Tight by Sara Acton
Mind Games:  24 Hours to Save the World by H.I. Larry
One Little Fantail by Anne Hunter
Thirteen Dolphins by Susan Halliday
Zak Zoo and the Birthday Bang by Justine Swain-Smith